Benefits of a House Call Practice


Benefits of a House Call Practice for Veterinarians

As a veterinarian you got into the field to help pets. Studies have shown that after the first year of ownership, over 50% of cats are never again taken to the vet for routine wellness exams or vaccinations. A leading cause of cats not being seen by a veterinarian is the difficulty many pet owners have in transporting their animal, especially their cat, to the vet's office. A house call practice eliminates this problem entirely by examining and treating the pet in their own home environment. This can be a very rewarding experience for the veterinarian, as they are often seeing pets that otherwise wouldn't be able to be seen in a traditional office setting due to problems with transporting the animal to a clinic, or difficulties examining a pet in a clinical setting.

Additionally, a house call practice is a great way to get into practice ownership without having the expense or stress of building a clinic or purchasing an existing business. A traditional brick and mortar animal clinic can cost up to $1 million to build, while you can start your own house call practice with MVS Pet Care for between $45,000 - $75,000.

Finally, owning your own house call practice allows you to have the freedom to practice veterinary medicine the way you want to practice - including setting your own practice standards, seeing the patients that you want to see, as well as setting your own schedule and hours. Owning your own house call practice allows for an excellent quality of life for the veterinarian as most cases our veterinarians see are for general wellness. After hours and emergency cases involving your patients can be referred to a local animal hospital for immediate treatment.

Benefits of a House Call Practice for Pets and Their Owners

For Pets

As stated above, some pets become very nervous when they have to go to a clinic but they remain remarkably calm and relaxed when the vet comes to them. Of course, some pets remain nervous and difficult to handle, but they generally still do better on their home turf than at a clinic.

Even pets that are not anxious or who love going to the clinic can benefit from house calls. Because the doctor is at home with the pet, he or she can see and understand the environment and will tailor their recommendations to each pet's specific needs and circumstances. For example, a dog who lives next to a stream or pond needs a leptospirosis vaccination, but a dog in a highrise apartment who never goes near a lake may be able to skip this vaccine. Or the doctor may notice that an older, arthritic dog's food bowls are on the ground and it might be easier for the pet to eat if they were raised up a bit. When the doctor can see and relate to the pet's experience this way, they can offer medical care that combines both the clinical picture of exams and diagnostic tests with the bigger picture, resulting in the best possible care.

For Owners

Beyond the obvious convenience of being at home instead of traveling to and waiting in a clinic, there are intangible benefits for pet owners. The entire appointment is spent working one-on-one with a single doctor rather than having to discuss a pet's history with a receptionist, a technician, and then a doctor. In addition, the pet owner gets the doctor's full attention from the beginning, and the two work together to review the pet's health and discuss the best plan for care.

In facing difficult end-of-life decisions for  pets, pet owners can take comfort knowing that they are in a private setting, and do not need to worry about working through an emotional process in a hospital setting near a waiting room full of other pets and pet owners.

Why Practice with MVS?

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. That is the main benefit of opening your house call practice as an MVS Pet Care franchisee. You will have a dedicated practice support manager guiding you through each step of setting up your practice, from creating your Web site, to training you on the practice management software, to how to market your practice to attract new clients - we are here to ensure you succeed. 

Once your practice is up and running, we continue to support you by providing your clients with a call center to answer questions and schedule appoints while you are seeing your patients. We can input new clients into your system, collect the medical records for their pet for you, and generally manage the process of getting them ready for the appointment, so all you will have to do is show up and be ready to treat the patient!

MVS Pet Care maintains relationships with many suppliers, including Henry Schein Animal Health, Merck, eVet Practice, Vet's First Choice, and more to ensure you are receiving the best pricing on supplies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and systems for running our practice. Your practice will benefit from our scale and negotiations, keeping your costs competitive with big corporate clinics. 

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