For Existing House Call Veterinarians


Why MVS?

As an existing practice owner, you know how difficult it can be to start a business from scratch. Congratulations on having one of the hard parts behind you! 

As difficult as starting a practice can be, it can be even more difficult to grow and scale your existing model. At MVS, we don't want to change the way you are already doing business - we just want to support you to be able to do so more efficiently. 

  • Imagine having more time to see and care for your patients because your phone is not constantly ringing with client questions or requests for appointments - we will handle those for you.
  • Imagine lowering your costs for diagnostic labs, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines - because we have negotiated relationships with major suppliers.
  • Imagine having a dedicated practice support manager that you can call with your questions - because you are no longer in business alone.
  • Imagine having detailed monthly financial reviews with our team in order to ensure your practice is on track for profitability. 
  • Imagine you have a marketing team handling your Google and Social Media ads, and a dedicated website with built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - because we have contracted with a leader in the industry to handle these tasks for you.

Can I Keep My Own Practice Name?

As business owners, we are sensitive to the fact that you have dedicated time and money to building your own brand. At MVS we do not want to do anything to negatively impact that hard work. Therefore we will allow you to keep your own practice name as part of your MVS Franchise, as long as MVS Pet Care is included, as well. As an example, we would use your practice name and logo, with the addition of a line that says "An MVS Pet Care Franchise."

What Expenses Will I Incur if I Already Have a House Call Practice?

As an existing house call veterinarian your expenses will be less than if you were starting a practice from scratch. First of all, in recognition of the clients you bring with you to MVS, we offer a reduced franchise fee. In addition, we will cover any costs associated with transferring your medical records to eVet Practice practice management software, which is a requirement of the franchise. Finally, since you will already have much of the equipment and supplies necessary to conduct your practice, this will save you money, as well.

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